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Why KubSMU

Why KubSMU

We have everything for learning, living and adaptation for foreign students

KubSMU is:

years of foreign students learning experience
Foreign graduates
faculties for foreign citizens

Specialties of KubSMU

Learn about types of specialties, faculties and prices

Pre-university training

Higher education


Programs in English language available only for General medicine faculty.

Study with pleasure

Study with pleasure

We are using innovative methods of education

Tutoring and mentoring
Compliant University Agile Practice
Online informational and educational environment

Get help and support during adaptation

We provide a safe stay
We help to solve organizational issues and draw up documents
We work individually with each foreign student
Practice on the most advanced robotic patients

Practice on the most advanced robotic patients

The multidisciplinary accreditation and simulation center will help you learn how to perform complex manipulations in conditions as close to real ones as possible. Training is carried out in all areas of educational programs
Practical Skills Center

Our clinical base. KubSMU clinic and all leading medical institutions of the city and region.

Learn from doctors of the highest category, candidates and doctors of medical sciences
Get started with patients under an experienced mentor guidance
Participate in clinical trials and scientific research of the KSMU Clinic

Learn from the great experience of specialists with a scientific degree

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Members of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Ph.D (Candidate)
Have academic degrees and medical titles
Spend extracurricular time with benefit and with friends

Spend extracurricular time with benefit and with friends

In the rhythm of sports, a healthy lifestyle, with creative evenings and a rich cultural life.

More in the section Student life
We provide a dormitory and the entire infrastructure of the campus, where there is everything for life, study and leisure
Spaces for creativity and sports
Scientific medical library
Living together with Russian students for faster adaptation
Under the bright sun of the Krasnodar Territory, more than 200 sunny days a year

Under the bright sun of the Krasnodar Territory, more than 200 sunny days a year

A comfortable climate, accessibility to the Black Sea and mountain air are another good reason to study with us, at Kuban State Medical Unversity

KubSMU is a university of opportunities

Participate in partner projects of the university. These are large prestigious federal and international projects.
Make a personal contribution to the life of the university. Implement your ideas for improving the educational process, within the framework of the Responsible University project.
Do your internship at the best universities in the world under the IFMSA exchange program.

Fill your portfolio to find the best job

Win Olympiads, participate in scientific and medical competitions, try and get achievements in order to:

Find the best offer for your first job
Do an internship at major clinical and research centers in the country
Get additional benefits when applying for residency and graduate school
Start scientific activity

Start scientific activity

Join the student scientific society
Sign up to one of 40 scientific group in your field
Publish your work, participate in scientific conferences and conduct scientific research under the guidance of teachers

We will support you in the next step in your career

Many of our students take a closer look at their place of work even before graduating from the university, during practice.

For those who find it difficult to find their first job, we are happy to help you choose a suitable vacancy according to your education and skills.

Employment Promotion Center
Job fairs
Job Portals
Trade union of students
45 countries recognize Russian diplomas without legalization (certification) in the issuing country.
List of countries

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